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Sunday, 5 April, 2009

Dinner At Kam Lun Tai (Sri Petaling) – 05042009

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Around 6PM the seminar (天龍八步) by Network J&J is over and I grouped up with Tina to go to Restoran Kam Lun Tai (Restaurant Kam Lun Tai) [锦纶泰] for dinner. All those IBOs walked there from Sri Petaling Hotel. First I walked beside Tina but later a friend of her walked by and she chat with him. I followed from behind.

What I saw then is her sexy legs move forward step by step on her black 3″ high heel shoes. I can see her heel in and out from the shoes and I really admire woman. Hmmm… She can walk like that meh? Surely she is as she reached the restaurant with no problem. While queuing up, I asked her if she will be in Genting Highlands on June 21st & 22nd and she said she will. Don’t know if she really can make it or not. Due to her nature of work, she always busy and sometime won’t turn up at the last minute. Ha! Ha!. If she will be there, I think I should go also but still not yet make up my mind.

Not because Tina will be there only I go Smile but I also want to feel the experience at the MUS Genting (Moving Up Seminar) as I never attend this kind of meeting before (especially the one held in Genting) Tina present is one of the reason and another is the feeling for being there Wink

While at the restaurant, the organizer decided to group us in 10 for a table. I try to be in Tina group but she asked me to join other group. I wondered why she did that. While on seminar hall she signals to me that she have something to talk with me and now she “push” me out of the group?

“You have nothing to talk to me meh?” I have been thinking but still joined other. If I sit with her sure have something to talk about. Leng lui Tina woh…. where got nothing to talk leh? Wink

Well, I joined the group that a guy (Malaysian) by name of Siak Yew and his business associates. He is working in Singapore and there is a Singaporean lady, while the rest are Malaysian. Before the dinner end, I have exchanged the email and I have given him a business card.

I left around 7:00PM. While leaving I looked around trying to locate Tina but due so so many IBOs around I didn’t see her. Inside the car I gave her a call but she did not answer me as it activates her voice box. I leave a message, “Tina, this is Stephen. I am leaving now. See you again and bye!” and I drove home.


The Eight Dragon Steps (天龍八步) – Part 2a – Met Tina At Break Time

While time break, as I walked out of the Seminar room, I met Tina! Me so happy to see her again! She signal for me to call her. I told her may be we can have dinner together later on at the Restoran Kam Lun Tai (锦纶泰) then I walked out to the wash room and have a glass of nescafe outside the room.


Saturday, 4 April, 2009

Dinner At Kam Lun Tai (Sri Petaling) – 04042009

Kam Lun Tai

Kam Lun Tai Ceiling Light

Beautiful Ceiling Light At Restoran Kam Lun Tai

Kam Lun Tai Dinner- Stephen Hon - StephenHon


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