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Sunday, 21 November, 2010

Nutrition Drink

eBooks That May Interest You

Fruits + Health Supplements (B Complex, Calcium Magnesium, Fibre, Lecithin E, Green Tea Protein, Vanila, Lemon active 8 powder) all blended together.


Thursday, 24 September, 2009

Network J&J Centre Meeting 24092009

Attended center meeting at 8:15PM. Nutrition Breakfast (營養早餐) is the most economical, most effective, most nutritious and most easy to prepare type of breakfast. All it take is just 5 to 10 minutes and you will have over 40+ vitamins & minerals. What kind of meal in this world can give you this? This Nutrition Breakfast can help 1) those are easily tired. 2) those have constipation problems. 3) prevent high cholesterol & diabetes. Ourselves, relatives & families health are our own responsibilities. We need to take care of our own health. If we don’t, who else can help us?

The Art Of Communication

Other nutrition knowledge we learn today is how our body detoxification. The main source of poisonous substance in our body came from 1) The food that we ate. 2) The air we have breathed. 3) The water we have drank. 4) The products that we used. 5) Those injected to our body (ie medicine etc) More information related to this topic can be found from the two books recommended.

Detox Chart

Emerald: Jimmy Lai Shared Working Together

Working as a team need co-operation with each other in order to do the task together. We need appreciation, sincere, no personal ego involved, do things first, result later, co-operation. Finally he said that if just talked about the business only won’t produce any result. Results are produce from actions (ie presenting marketing plan, product demonstration) not from talking.

Last speaker for tonight meeting:
Executive Diamond (EDC), Gan Hwa Seng

He showed us his business slide during the trip to Vietnam with his business associates.

Distributors At Business Meeting In Vietnam

Japan Crown Ambassador Shoji Taksukami & Malaysia Executive Diamond (EDC) Gan Hwa Seng

Malaysia Executive Diamond (EDC), Gan Hwa Seng & Vietnam 1st Diamond, Doan To Chan
This lady have became the 1st Diamond in Vietnam within 10 months. The fastest record?

What he have shared:-

  • Nowadays those who can retain the most customers,  the business likely will be very successful. From the very beginning, customers in this business are the distributors network worldwide over 80 plus countries & territories. Today it have million of distributorships worldwide.
  • A good question. “Why we need to buy other products?” We buy the products because we are unable to produce and at the same time, we need it! So the best solution is to buy from business that have these products. “What if you have these products to sell. Do you still need to buys?” Definitely not.
  • Everyday, in our life there are a lot of things to wash and it seem that the products related to this word “Wash” are resilience during economic slow down. After eat, we need to wash our plates. No one throw away the dishes after every meal. When our hand & body is sticky or dirty, we will wash and bath. When our laundry are dirty, we wash. If we want a good opportunity (be it in good or bad times) we must involved in business that is dealing with the word “Wash” It is sure 100% guarantee repeated business no matter what are the sentiments outside.

Monday, 16 February, 2009

Decision Made – I Must Start On Nutrition Breakfast!

I have attending Network J&J meeting for more than 1 1/2 months and have listened to their presentation & viewed it demonstration on Nutrition Breakfast. I knew about the health benefits I can gain if taken daily but I still not yet get started just because I don’t own the blender. (But is this the reason or just an excuse?)

After The Eight Dragon Steps (天龍八步) seminar (14 & 15 February at Sri Petaling Hotel) I have sat down and thought of what Peter Lee (Malaysia 1st Crown Ambassador) have said. “If you want to earn money, you must have 20 front lines of customer distributors that are either 3%, 6% or 9% !”

To have these customers the best and easier way was to promote Nutrition Breakfast. The whole set of demo took from 5 to 10 minutes! What else better than this? If the customers convience the benefits, they are willing to buy the products in set (Range from RM 500- RM 800) Imagine if I can have 20 of these customers how much my business will it be? (Calculation show that 20 x RM500 = RM 10,000) That right! And how much do I earn from here? Wink I definitely knew the answer!

Back to the main point, if I myself did not take the Nutrition Breakfast, how do I show to my customers I have healthy body and have benefited from it?  People can see it if you are lying. People will said in their heart if the products so good why I did not take it? Because of this reason I decided to go on shopping spree at Carrefour. My own health is another (even no one buy from me at the moment) The first item I looked at is the blender. This is the important tool for Nutrition Breakfast. If I don’t have the blender then I cannot make the Nutrition Breakfast.

Blender Blender

As I looked around, I noticed that it ranged from RM 52++ to RM 350. All this depend on individual budget. You have the extra money then you can buy the branded or better quality one, if not the cheapest one will be still fine as long it do the job. (Just same like if Kancil can bring you to your destination it does not mean that you need to drive Mercedes then only you reach there) When you do demo, you are not selling the blender right? You are selling the Nutrition products so what the hell go and buy the expensive blender? No logic right? Wink  Waste money only.  I rather invested it on the nutrition products.

After selected the blender, I moved to other section to get some of these items. I need a knife to peel and cut fruits, a Tupperware to store fruits, some tissue paper, some plastic bags and a few table cloths plus a bag to store the items I need to bring along during demo.



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