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Friday, 26 June, 2009

Happy 1st Anniversary Tina 方彦婷 (26-06-2008 => 26-06-2009)

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Mei Fen, Tina Fong & Adeline

Left To Right: Daphne Chan Mei Fen, Tina Fong, Melissa Ann Tan & Rehka Pathmalingam

Miss Malaysia Universe 2006

The moment I knew Caroline,
I have known that you are her sister,
Never ever I dream or have known that,
We will be became friend,
Not until the 1st SMS I received from you.
Words can never say the feeling that moment,

I wondered who this “Tina” will be?
Inner feeling told me that it might be you,
Yet doubt arise and I said,

“How could it be?”
I remembered I never give you the number.
Is it from Caroline?
It should be, as Caroline do have my number.
Just to find out that it is you,
Prompted me to asked,
“Are you Tina Fong?”

Your replied was “Yes!”
That word was more than enough,
For keeping me smiling the whole day!

I thought I have the chance to meet you,
At that place you have directed me to go,
Reaching there, I saw you nowhere,
Rather disappointed at first but I stayed till the end.

Day goes by,
Finally the event organizer choose me,
To be in the team.
Excitedly I called you about the news,
You said you are at Genting.

During the event day “Switch To Digi”,
Deep inside me, I still hoping meeting you,
Though not so confident.

When finally met you early in the morning,
From your lips, you asked,
“Are you Stephen? I am Tina!”
Made my dream came through,

That how we met for the 1st time!

Happy 1st Anniversary Of Our Friendship!


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